Decentralized protocol to unlock conditional ownership and liquidity of NFTs

Welcome Aboard!

StreamMoney is building a protocol layer for digital assets where conditional ownership of the asset can be transferred and liquidity can be unlocked. It is to be believed that the next set of NFT adoption will be brought by the utilitarian aspect and we look to provide an Infrastructure to power the next generation of NFTs. With StreamMoney, a token owner can transfer utility with rental protocol, and get liquidity with a loaning system. Developers can consume SDK to enable rentals & loans within their ecosystem. Moreover, it powers the mint of token-gated access use cases where projects can mint time/use-based assets and enable membership, subscription, and ticketing.

A Primer on NFTs

NFTs are a type of digital asset that use blockchain to document the ownership of items such as images, videos, and other collectibles. It allows people to prove ownership of digital assets. The non-fungible tokens (NFTs) market skyrocketed where NFT marketplaces and collections zoomed up from $106 million in 2020 to $44.2 billion in 2021.
Less than 20% of the asset supply has a certain utility and 80% of the asset supply remains illiquid. We strongly feel that conditional ownership can open up immense possibilities for NFTs :
  • Time/Use expiry-based transfer can enable asset rentals
  • Loaning system without moving assets to escrow account so that utility can be used while the loan is active
  • Time and Use based expiry gated access to enable memberships, ticketing, etc.
Metaverse applications and real-world assets tokenization will only augment, especially now that mega-corporations such as Meta (Facebook) and Microsoft are heavily investing in this vision and are looking to drive its adoption into their massive user base. As a result, NFT assets will see increased demand and adoption rates due to their utility as smaller companies follow the large corporations into this space to reach new audiences and keep in line with industry innovation.

Why StreamMoney ?

The future for blockchain art and collectibles is undoubtedly bright, but what is perhaps more intriguing is that for all of the other potential NFT use cases. We’ve developed a protocol to provide conditional ownership of NFTs to facilitate in-game assets, token-gated access, memberships, ticketing, subscriptions, and much more. The protocol achieves this by escrow-less transfer of NFTs with a smart contract that creates mechanisms for time, and use-based expiry. Moreover, protocol solves liquidity problems for NFT owners by providing income-generating tools such as Rentals, Loans, and many more. Integration of such tools will also help projects in providing better value to their token holders.