Decentralized protocol to transfer conditional ownership of NFTs

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StreamMoney is building a protocol layer for digital assets where conditional ownership of the asset can be transferred. It is to be believed that the next set of NFT adoption will be brought by the utilitarian aspect and we look to provide an Infrastructure to power the next generation of NFTs. With StreamMoney, token owner can either wrap an existing token with a utility Smart Contract or create a new token with built-in utility transfer functionality. StreamMoney provides robust SDKs and APIs for developers to integrate within their environment to get the utility status of NFT i.e. current owner address, use status, etc.

How does it work?

StreamMoney secures tokens by a set of contracts deployed that are managed by protocol. NFT Owner can simply invoke the smart contract and initialize, sets the rules of the contract, and deposits their NFT to the smart contract. Borrowers, or customers, can claim the token, and get conditional ownership as parameters set by the issuer.
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Welcome Aboard!
How does it work?